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What punching is and it is for

Punching is a process that, using a punch, allows to obtain cardboard packaging with particular shapes and joints. The secret of this process is the punch, a tool that allows to precisely cut, with a predetermined shape, a product in sheets of paper, cardboard or plastic.

Punching is made through specific machines, which use a flat punch – a tool composed of a steel tape with a cutting profile, that imprinting the material reproduces a determined shape -, or a creaser, meaning a lower and not cutting sheet inserted in the punch, which crushes the cardboard allowing the subsequent folding. The latter mode is used when there is a need to create a groove that allows to easily bend the material, instead of cutting it.

Punching is used in many industrial applications: very useful in the packaging, leather goods, textile and hydraulic industries, it offers a lot of flexibility and it is suitable to satisfy both creative needs, both technical ones, with final products with a particular shape.

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