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What clinching is and it is for

Clinching is a very innovative cold welding process, which allows to join two metal components without any assembly process. This technique is very useful in different industrial sectors, as it allows to speed up the working cycle, keeping under control the energy and material consumption.

Clinching, in fact, takes place by cold plastic deformation, without any waste and without the need for welding and riveting. The metal sheets are precisely joined, compressing them with a pre-ordered thrust force, thanks to the interaction between a punch and a die, without adding any filler material.

Considering  its effectiveness, clinching can be carried out in many industrial processes, for countless sectors. In fact, the metal sheets are joined respecting the composition and aesthetics of the materials, even when galvanized or painted, with extremely refined results. These features make it a cleaner alternative to riveting or usual welding.

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