Pneumo-hydraulic cylinders

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What pneumo-hydraulic cylinders are and needed for

The LDP pneumo-hydraulic cylinders are able to offer excellent performance, combined with maximum maneuverability. They consist of a pneumatic cylinder combined with a pneumo-hydraulic pressure booster, which allows to better manage the approach or closing stroke of the mold and the pressing phase.Our systems operate fast cycles in total safety, with the minimum possible acoustic impact: our technicians develop customized pneumo-hydraulic cylinders to meet your specific needs and a wide range of applications.These thrust units are particularly widespread in the automation systems of industrial production lines, but also in the handling and packaging of goods and in the most diverse sectors: from automotive to cosmetics, from mechanical to electronic industry.

Use and benefits of pneumo-hydraulic cylinders

LDP pneumo-hydraulic cylinders, implemented in industrial production systems, offer some concrete advantages: first of all high performance, which helps to improve productivity, with thrust force up to 750 kN; secondly  great manoeuvrability, this also translates into an application flexibility, guaranteed by our R&D processes; finally, in limiting the noise caused by use and in the extreme safety, verified by our internal technical office during the project and construction phase.


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