Clinching machine

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What they are and what the clinching machines are for

LDP clinching machines weld sheets metal cold, without assembly components.The flexibility in the design phase allows these products to adapt to many technical applications, in the most different sectors, carrying out a cold plastic deformation of materials with or without coating, putting together different metal sheet parts by the interaction between a punch and a die, without adding any filler material.By compressing with a pre-ordered thrust force and with great precision the metal sheets, a joint is generated and clinching takes place, a process that speeds up otherwise slow and complex processes that would require welding and riveting.

Use and benefits of clinching machines

LDP clinching machines stand out for their ease of use and their simple integration into normal production processes: they can be used as bench machines, therefore in a static way, or dynamically, taking advantage of their portability. These systems limit company energy consumption, do not produce waste materials, are quick and easy to handle and offer a finished product of excellent aesthetic quality, with corrosion resistant joints. These machines are durable and very low maintenance.

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