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Such units can be safely used in any field and sector where a high force is required involving however a rather contained movement.

It is possible to choose between two different groups of Press cylinder heads: the “CS” group units divided into SP and CP heads and the more recent units from the “E” group.

SP units provide for a unique work stroke (SP in fact means “without pre-travel”) while CP units (CP = with pre-travel) are multipurpose units, i.e. they can follow a unique work stroke or the movement can be divided into two different phases: a first approach phase (pre-travel) featuring a high translation speed and a relatively small force and a second operating phase featuring a high force and a more contained speed.

It is important to underline that on CP models, the operating phase can be used in any point on the approach stroke.

From the user point of view, the operation is extremely simple: it is simply enough to control the two pneumatic cylinders (one only in case of SP) driven according to the specific application requirements in compliance with specifications reported in the unit operating instructions.

No model is equipped with an outside tank and they are all designed not to allow air bubbles to build up thus endangering the unit operation and efficiency.

Constantly evolving design by LDP BRASCA.



The Press Cylinder heads are hydropneumatic units which exploit the liquid incompressibility to get high forces, using compressed air as motor fluid.

Many of the different available elements are surface-treated to provide for the best possible RESISTANCE TO WEAR AND CORROSION.

SEALS used under high pressure conditions are the BEST available seals on the international market.

It is important to know, that, in the case of seal wear too, oil which possibly blows-by from the Press cylinder head is PIPED TO the compressed air OUTLETS thus avoiding the workpiece to be damaged when accidentally contacting the oil itself.

All the Press cylinder heads are provided with a MAGNETIC DEVICE to visually signal the minimum oil level inside the tank on the Press cylinder head itself. The same signal can be electronically controlled to get a MESSAGE DISPLAYED ON THE CONTROL BOARD, which allows the operator to check the oil level in case the press cylinder head is on hardly lightened positions or which can be hardly reached.

To AVOID STOPPING THE MACHINE, it is possible to top the oil up during operation. In fact by means of a simple pump, it is possible to top up the oil level without needing to cut the machine from the compressed air network.

All the Press cylinder heads, both vertical and horizontal, are SELF-DRAINING that is to say no manual access is required to drain and flow water which always enter the hydraulic circuit.





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