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What boosters are and what they are for

The LDP boosters, are systems developed to provide a pressurized fluid. The wide range allows customers to find the right solution for their specific needs, with boosters suitable for all types of fluid (such as H2O, DOT4 etc.), in different versions, with pressure up to 1,000 bar.Our boosters are used in automatic or testing machines that require higher pressures than those generated by the use of normal compressors.Technical skill and experience allow us to customize solutions, so as to respond to prompt requests and support our partners by offering them high quality and a tailor-made service

Use and benefits of boosters

The LDP boosters are extremely durable, reliable and easy to use, they allow to increase the initial pressure and turn it into a higher working pressure, manually or automatically. The accurate design and knowledge of the needs of industries allow us to offer flexible solutions, so as to ensure maximum functionality compared to the system

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