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What industrial presses are and they are for

Machines used for the compression of materials and products of different types, LDP presses are specifically designed to meet the specific requests of each customer: this projectual flexibility allows their use in many different processes, preparatory or finishing.We supply hydropneumatic, pneumatic, manual and electric presses. Customization allows to realize innovative solutions to solve specific problems, both for the deformation of materials, and for the production of components to be used in the processing and assembly cyclesDimensions, functionality and technical peculiarities are decided after careful listening to the customer’s needs, tested properly by our specialists and then developed internally, in a production process that aims to the highest quality.

Use and benefits of industrial presses

LDP presses stand out for their practicality and enormous flexibility of application, in the most diverse sectors. This is thanks not only to the ability of our technicians in the construction phase, but to a research and development sector that works daily to project innovative systems, tailored to your company.

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