L-Type Hydro-pneumatic Press

The LDP Hydropneumatic presses belonging to the L-type and LM-Type are compliance with the Machine Directory 2006/42/EC.

L-Type and LM-Type hydropneumatic presses are machines that are particularly suitable for all processes requiring a high force and implying relatively small movements.

Machines are realized with an iron structure, entirely worked to the tool machines on which an E-Type head press is installed.

Using E-Type head presses, you can group in one single machine the speed and the noise-free operation of compressed air units with the force of hydraulic ones.

The standard control system is pneumatic: to operate these machines, you just have to connect them to a compressed air supply.

We build presses for specific customer needs with long stroke and quality control systems.

Also the LS-Type is available for our customers: frame + unit. This model is particularly recommended as a component for more complex machines.

As E-Type presses are magnetic, it is possible to apply magnetic sensors directly on the unit, to have signals and put the standard machine into the production line.


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