TX units

For some years, we have been offering a screw connection system of the unit to the support structure.

Here below the advantages of the TX units reported by our customers:

1) Thickness of the support plate: generally the Press Heads are assembled on a structure with a support plate. It may happen that, using the standard unit, the protruding tie rods are not long enough to exceed the thickness of that one and it would be difficult to use a simple nut for clamping. With the TX unit, commercial screws are used for assembly, the length of which depends on the thickness of the plate, making the machine designer free to define the thickness according to his own calculation criteria.

2) Less tightening torque: using connecting elements (screws) with a diameter lower than the 4 tie rods, the tightening torque is lower with the same force of the press head

3) Easier than tightening: by using connecting elements (screws) with a smaller diameter than the 4 tie rods, you can choose the screw head and consequently the tightening key according to the available access spaces

4) Clear division of functions: using the Press Head with TX connection, the connection of the unit to the plate is obtained through “different” devices while in the standard unit there are just the tie rods that have the function of keeping the unit assembled

5) Easy maintenance: with the TX connection the problem of tie rods is overcome (the tie rods could loosen during the disassembly of the unit from the machine)