To support the user in the selection of our products, each product is shown in examples of possible applications.
Our technical department is available to any customization to reach the best solution for every type of customer requirement

  • Clinching Clinching

    Action to join two or more sheets by means of a cold plastic deformation, with the use of a suitable tool kit in order to obtain an interpenetration and an undercut

  • Punching Punching

    The use of a punch allows the precise cutting of a product floor with a small thickness: in this application is particularly recommended our stroke adjustment system RMA

  • Deep Drawing Deep Drawing

    To make this plastic deformation (with a relatively small depth), for example in the forming of metal buttons, are used hydropneumatic presses

  • Mark Mark

    Pushing force with a tool in a material with a hardness higher than the particular to be marked, one obtains a permanent plastic deformation which brings back to the negative written and the shape of the tool itself

  • Assemble Assemble

    Action to assemble two or more parts with the aid of an adjustable thrust and recordable: all our presses have a standard device for adjusting the force

  • Bend Bend

    Also this operation falls within the field of cold plastic deformation: our machines are equipped with a precision timer to reduce the springback of the material

  • Press Press

    Our thrust solutions have been used in various applications, for example, to compress powders in order to confer a precise consistency to the final product

  • Rivet Rivet

    The rivet is a not removable mechanical coupling which is obtained through the riveting of at least one of the two heads of the rivet itself: our hydropneumatic presses are well suited for this operation