• Clinching
  • Punching
  • Deep Drawing
  • Mark
  • Assemble
  • Bend
  • Press
  • Rivet


LDP Thrust Technology

We design and produce hydro pneumatic units, called Press Heads, for all applications in which a controlled and repetitive thrust force is required. These hydro pneumatic groups, exploiting the incompressibility of liquids, are the heart of our technology that finds its application fields in cases of clinching (union of two sheets), assembling (inserting parts), punching, marking (identification), riveting, stamping, bending, folding, straightening, locking and pressing.

Considering the evident advantages from the environmental point of view, our machines are real alternatives to the use of hydraulic presses. Using our thrust units are concentrated in a single machine speed and noise of the compressed air with the power of hydraulics.